The world has rejected the word of God, it has rejected God’s law’s and His words.  It has rejected it for a world governed by man and man’s laws.  The world is attempting to  force Israel to become a part of this.  It is forcing the middle east to become a part of this. PM Netanyahu reacts to the west’s attempt to force this false sense of peace and doctrine of man.


History is repeating itself.  Take a look at how WW2 started in Europe, with a shut down of Jewish businesses, a boycott of their services.  This is the same thing.  I agree with PM Netanyahu, this is eery in that the boycott of Jewish services and products are again surfacing on the shores of Europe.


The world has demonized Israel, what’s wrong with this picture?  Search the truth.  I read an op-ed yesterday about the middle east correspondents from BBC, CNN and other media outlets.  They asked the question some of us have asked many times.  And that is why are these so called ‘investigative’ reporters not vetting, checking sources and searching the truth.  He was right.  These reporters are repeating the world’s mantra’s and have no taste for the truth.  Only what the world bodies tell them to report.  Those of us who are watching know this.

This is not only in the middle east but Africa and Egypt.  Why are we just accepting the news they want to report.  No one asks the hard questions anymore.  Take the CAR crises for instance, they too are repeating the same mantra:  ‘Christian extremism’, and ‘African mysticism’  when describing rival factions.  No one wants to know who this is or why it is happening.  It’s the same old story, ‘they are killing each other again, nothing to see here.’

Look at Syria, very few media outlets are actually investigating and reporting the truth.  This is done by design, so that the world’s mainstream will be blind to what the world leaders are doing.  Plain and simple.  The world is forcing new ideas, new governments, and new borders on the middle east, Africa and Egypt and we have decided we don’t want to know the truth.

Same with Israel ‘they are evil occupiers’ ‘they have no right to the land’ etc.  You name it it’s not new.  What is new is the reporting and the reporters.  No one wants to know the truth.  Instead of exposing antisemitism and hatred for what it is they add fuel to the fire, and feed the beast.

Hosea 4:6

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.


Netanyahu: It’s Time to Delegitimize the Delegitimizers(Arutz Sheva/Israel National News)

Op-Ed: Middle East Correspondents Are Under Intense Pressure(Arutz Sheva/Israel National News)

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