By John Miltenburger


‘Therefore I will look to the LORD;

I will wait for the God of my salvation;

My God will hear me.

Do not rejoice over me, my enemy; when I fall, I will arise;

When I sit in darkness, the LORD will be a light to me.’ [Micah 7:7,8; NKJV]

Recently, my mind has been occupied with thoughts of purpose, thoughts that can easily constitute reasons for discouragement. My wife and I have recently talked often of the “Why?” concerning our move to this locale and this church. The only answer we can arrive at is this: Although we are absolutely certain God directed our way here, we do not know anything about His purpose. And this answer is in itself, insufficient to keep us from falling into discouragement. Perhaps there are a lot of unanswered “Why” questions in your life too…

This morning as I was praying, and asking the Lord the question about our purpose, the thought occurred to me, “Rather than default into what I do not know, and wallow around in that ever-darkening valley of lostness, why not choose to focus on what I DO know.

So, here’s what I DO know: God has always been faithful to me…always – whether I deserved it or not. I have seen some dark valleys, and some of them have been so dark, so deep as to appear hopeless, yet God has never allowed me to remain in them. He has ALWAYS eventually come to find and rescue me. Always. That’s Who He is.

There is no valley so deep that God will not come to find us, but we have to do two, proactive things. One, we have to understand His perspective is usually a bit different than ours; in short, we have to choose to trust Him. Two, we have to choose to be rescued. Sounds simple in concept I know, but it isn’t simple to do. Choosing to trust in God while we are stuck within the valleys of circumstance, is difficult and counter-intuitive. But then, anything God-ward is counter-intuitive to us.

The verse I quoted above was given to me personally in 1972 by a man named Dick Mills. Dick was a well-known international prophet at that time, and while ministering, he would lay his hands on people and give them a string of Bible references, personal and unique to them. One morning at a men’s breakfast in St. Louis County, Missouri, He laid his hands on my shoulders and gave me the verse above, among others. I noted the verses he gave me and have treasured them ever since.

I was initially carefully skeptical of Dick Mills’ ministry, having at that time no experience with personal prophecy, but I was impressed enough to record and value the verses given to me. There were about fifteen men in that room, and Dick gave very different lists of verses to each man without hesitation.

Over the years, at various stages of my life, the verses Dick gave me have been “activated” as the Rhema of God. You might today be skeptical (not cynical) of personal prophecy, but I would counsel you to judge carefully your response to it, as it may indeed be the words of God to you. Judge respectfully and carefully.

And during prayer this morning, God reminded me of this particular reference that was given to me so long ago by a man I then knew nothing about, and I declare this day, ‘When I sit in darkness, the LORD will be a light to me.’

And He’ll be a light to you, too, if you allow Him to be. He always, always comes to His own. No valley is so deep, so dark, so hopeless that He will not come and rescue us when we sincerely trust Him to do so.

It is why He came.


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John Miltenberger is a Christian blogger, visit John on his site: The Trip So Far
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