BOOM: Obama Tries to Grab Guns – Texas Governor Issues EPIC 4-Word Dare to Obama’s Face:

Don’t Mess with Texas: This statement is far more than a cute PR campaign if you reside in the Great State (Republic) of Texas.  Texans…especially third, fourth, and fifth generation Texans will not blink an eye as they look you square in the eye and repeat the words in the display below “Come And Take It”, and so clearly proclaimed by the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, in response to Obama’s continued undermining of the US Constitution in multiple ways and manners, but especially as his Marxist thugs attempt to disarm Americans. 

I have been blessed to visit Texas on several long occasions just this past year (2015) alone, and in one gathering of Texans, the room of attendees graciously accepted me as an “Honorary Texan” as I was invited to share before them.  I even spoke a few words and statements pure Texan.  Lots of laughs…lots of applause…lots of acceptance and Texas hospitality extended my way.  Real Texas-style hospitality which I have seen repeated throughout that huge state.  Furthermore…I can testify that this Texas hospitality, mixed with a quiet assurance and resolve, is evident among the many Texas elected officials I have been humbled to meet; also law enforcement, pastors, and good ole’ citizens, and it doesn’t much matter whether you are in North, Central or Southern Texas.  If you ever get the chance to visit the rolling hills and ranch lands…well, that is a treat from yesteryear.  All of this to say that many, many Texans take to heart the statement: Don’t Mess with Texas! 

I have included a sample of quick but wonderful messages from Texas Governor, the Hon. Greg Abbott.  Enjoy reading his tweets to citizens.  Relish the idea of a Governor actually and candidly standing up for his state, and seemingly not the least bit concerned with being politically correct.  How about the Governor of your state sending a quick public prayer without care as to who read it.  Mind you, I said, “Governor.”  You’ll see it as you scroll down.  You will also read a number of messages that if you were Texan, they would make you proud to be so.  But then again…if you lived in the Great State (Republic) of Texas, you would not expect anything less than such candor and statements of truth from the person you chose to lead you and keep you safe.  How I wish we had more Governors, and even elected officials, who publicly cared more about speaking what is true, rather than what is safe or politically correct.  How I wish we had elected officials by the scores who unabashedly stood solid for the truth and foundations by which this exceptional Nation was founded, and were not timid to publicly say so…even for the record on the floors of their respected legislature!   Enjoy reading the below sample of tweets.  Enjoy the idea of what it would be like to live in a state where your Governor was so open with the citizens, and with sharing his thoughts and feelings.  Enjoy getting a glimpse of a state in our union that is not timid in the face of federal tyranny and unchecked intrusion violating the Tenth Amendment on State sovereignty in the US Constitution. 

Don’t Mess with Texas is far, far more than a cute PR slogan.  It is a statement of fact and way of life in the Great State (Republic) of Texas.  Enjoy what you are about to read.

     Dr. Lyle –

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LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is a Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Specialist and private-sector Intelligence Analyst. He has provided Intelligence Briefings to selected members of the Arizona State Legislature on Border Security and related threats to State sovereignty since June, 2010. He provides intelligence analysis to elected officials and law enforcement across the Nation. He further distributes articles and commentaries warning the church to the threats coming like a pack of wolves looking for that which they can devour. Lyle is the author of the Amazon Kindle booklet: “Our Forefathers truly Appealed to Heaven” $5 Kindle.