Franklin Graham: ISIS Is Committing Genocide on Christians – World Is Silent


by Clyde on The Daily Dose

Evangelist Franklin Graham denounced the global silence on the Christian genocide by ISIS.

Barack Obama has yet to defend the Christian populations being slaughtered in the Middle East.

It doesn’t fit his agenda.

Graham posted this on Facebook after a father and son were reportedly crucified by the Islamic State.

Facebook Post

franklin graham 1Franklin Graham

October 12 at 6:22am

It is genocide—and the world seems largely silent about it. Genocide perpetrated by the Islamic State against Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities of Syria and Iraq. And their methods are unimaginably cruel and heinous. Just a few days ago it was revealed that three Assyrian Christians were executed on September 23, which is the Muslim “Feast of Sacrifice,” and they say they’ll kill more hostages. And recent reports share the horror of 12 other Christians being murdered on August 28. Why were they killed? For refusing to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ. Eyewitnesses said that ISIS militants crucified a 12-year-old Christian boy and his Syrian missionary father along with two other men after mercilessly brutalizing them. They cut off the boy’s fingertips to try to get his father to convert to Islam. They left their bodies hanging on the crosses for two days under signs reading “infidels.” On that same day, ISIS militants publicly raped two Christian women in front of a crowd and then beheaded them along with six others when they refused to convert to Islam. “They have every intention of spreading that bloodshed around the world, including America,” Fox News reported. Pray for an end to this horrendous evil in the name of religion.

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  1. Like I said before, it is so horrific to read this about what is being done to our brothers and sisters, and I have no doubt that these evil people will bring it here, sooner than we think. God give us all the love and power to stand for Jesus and consider what He has done for us and suffered for us to buy us for His Kingdom. Blessings to You, Sister

    1. Post

      God bless you, also, Mrs. CJB. As much as I am brokenhearted over how our brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering for their faith, I take heart that it is a sign of the imminent return of our Savior. It is not that he does not see what is being done or that he cannot help. He is allowing the blood of these precious saints to be the seed of his church. As our country is being infiltrated by illegals, Muslims and ISIS, I know that we will soon suffer for our faith also. May God have mercy on us and hold us steadfast in our faith and witness for the kingdom of Christ.

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