Hobby Lobby Pres: Gov ‘Forcing Us to Provide Free Abortions’

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baby in wombWho didn’t know this was coming? First it was funding the morning after pill and now Obama demands that businesses fund free abortions under Obamacare!  It doesn’t matter to this President that the laws of God, the Giver of life,  are being violated every time an innocent unborn child is killed!  All that matters is his agenda.  Obamacare abortions are not forced on Muslims for religious reason yet Christians are not afforded this same consideration.  Sadly, this is a man who feels that 55 million abortions given since it became legalized somehow translates into victory for women! 

Let’s see what Thomas Jefferson thought about this:

To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical”-Thomas Jefferson


Steve Green gives first interview on his company’s lawsuit against Obama Administration.

Hobby Lobby will face government imposed fines of $1.3 million per day if it does not provide abortifacients under the Obamacare contraceptive mandate to its employees. The craft store’s president, Steve Green, is speaking in his first interview discussing the role his faith plays in being noncompliance with the mandate.

The Washington Free Beacon provided a transcript of Green’s Wednesday interview. Here are some highlights on how Green views his company, how he and his family run the business, and how they see the contraception mandate:

This is God’s company, and our responsibility is to operate it according to the guidelines he’s given us in his Word.

We close on Sundays because we want our employees to spend time with their families. We know that what’s more important than the business is the family. It’s the foundation of any society.

The starting minimum wage is $14 an hour.

We have a free clinic on our campus there in Oklahoma City where our warehouses are, where probably 3,000 employees or so work. We provide that for our employees. We know that our employees are our utmost reason for our success. We want good people, we’ve got a lot of great people.

We find ourselves in kind of a precarious situation, where the government’s forcing us in essence to become a free abortion provider, which we don’t want to be.

What I hear quite often is that we’re trying to impose our religion on our employees, and it’s nothing of the sort. If I could keep every pharmacy from issuing every one of our employees these abortive products, then I might be imposing my religion, but I’m not doing that, I’m not even asking to do that.

I just want to stay out of it. I want to stay out of it just like we are not required on procedural abortions to be involved, but the government’s telling me I have to be involved in chemical abortions. I want to stay out of it. Don’t bring me into it. Let that be between a woman and her doctor. But the government tells me I can’t. I have to freely provide these abortive products to our employees.

Sounds like a man who wants to run his business free from government intrusion — and for over 40 years has been able to do so. The far-reaching impacts of Obamacare’s tentacles have yet to be fully realized — but it begins now.

By Trey Sanchez on Truth Revolt

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  1. This is truly an abomination. The Muslims are exempt but Christians are not? This is a war on the Church and upon Believers everywhere.

    Requiring covering chemical abortions is no different than covering physical ones. The end result is the same. An innocent life is snuffed out. People can say anything they want to on this issue, they can play all the mind games they like and try to fool themselves…bottom line is abortion is murder.

    If you take an unborn child within the mothers womb and terminate the life of said child (fetus) it is legal and ok to do so according to many. Now take that same child out of the womb and terminate it’s life…now it is considered murder. How ridiculous….
    No matter how or where you end a human life…you are ending it!! It is wrong and location has no bearing on that.

    If you think differently…change your thinking. God does NOT condone the spilling of innocent blood because someone decided to have a night of fun or for any other reason pertaining to a baby, fetus, whatever term you prefer…it’s a life!

  2. You have said it all, Greg. I just ask that all those who believe that abortion is okay to look at the videos on You tube where live abortions are videoed and you can see the child literally being torn apart limb by limb by suctioning. JUST LOOK!

    1. It is more than disgusting, I have seen them. To think that was a human life before being mercilessly destroyed by a person that cares not for human life…unless it is their own or someone they love.

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