Iranian ‪‪FM Zarif says ‘We will not attend meeting in which occupying regime participates.                     By Ivar from News that Matters‬‬

Iranian ‪‪FM Zarif and US Secretary of state John Kerry have agreed to become “peace partners”.


Responding to possible Israeli participation in talks between Iran, world powers over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, Islamic republic’s FM Zarif says ‘We will not attend meeting in which occupying regime participates’‬‬

Iran’s foreign minister says his country will not enter nuclear talks with its arch-enemy Israel.

A Friday report by official IRNA news agency quotes Mohammad Javad Zarif as saying “We will not attend a meeting in which the occupying regime participates.” Iran refers to Israel as an occupying regime because it controls territories claimed by Palestinians.

A handshake that created history.Another handshake that created history.

The report said Zarif’s remarks were in response to possible Israeli participation in talks between Iran and world powers over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

Last weekend Iran agreed to freeze parts of its nuclear program in return for the easing of Western sanctions.


My comment:

Do not listen to those who say the “peace agreement” with Iran is a success for the diplomatic path.  The 1938 “peace negotiations” in Munich was based on the same principles.

The leadership in Czechoslovakia was not invited to the summit that cursed their nation, lead Europe down the path towards war.

Israel faces the same betrayal at the hand of  lawless and wicked man.

Iran bluntly said it works for the destruction of the Jewish homeland. Just like Nazi-Germany also worked for the final solution to the “Jewish problem”.

To make the Ayatollah regime of Iran a “peace partner” in 2013 is like the foolishness of presenting Herr Hitler as a “peace partner” for Europe in 1938. The same deceptive compromise spirit is at work in evil man, who reject the true prince of peace, the Jewish Messiah. Yeshua of Nazareth is the true Messiah. We can not expect anyone else.

Written by Ivar  

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