By John Miltenberger


There is wisdom in hoping for the best, yet preparing for the worst, yet many today teach that to prepare for the worst is the preoccupation of spiritually negative minds. I would agree – if that ‘preparation’ becomes indeed a ‘preoccupation’.

I know many Christians today who have preoccupied themselves out of their primary occupation, that is, the total and absolute veneration of Jesus as the always and forever focal point of their lives. However, I do believe there is wisdom in not hiding our heads in the spiritual sands while the world comes apart at the seams around us.

We are seeing every day, the collision of two kingdoms, and as they collide, much of eternal importance will be sorted out and re-ordered by God in the lives of His servants. This collision is happening concurrently, although most often we only hear from one polarity or the other, to the detriment of our vision.

Just as we were created with two eyes, meant to be used together, including two vastly different peripherals (believe me, I know what it means to be without one peripheral!), we are meant to clearly see both the increasing light and the increasing darkness. The great human difficulty occurs as we decide, day by day, which one to worship.

Jesus laid aside His Glory to come to earth in order to show us the way out of the engulfing darkness, in place for centuries. Humankind chose the darkness of their own ways over the leadership and headship of the loving Creator, in order to chase the illusion of becoming their own god. Many, perhaps most, still do.

I’m told that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, although still freely preached in North America, is an extremely hard sell here, compared to the rest of the world. While there are many ways of analyzing this history, I choose to believe that the devil has particularly hardened American hearts due to the unique call of God on this nation. As we seek our “exclusivity” in the call of Almighty God, we will be enabled by Him to fulfill our divine destiny; as we seek conformity to the other nations, we will fail and fall short of it, and pass into the dustbin of history as just another illusionary Camelot.

The choice, as critical as it is, rests not with the hoards of American atheists and unbelievers; the choice rests with the American believers, for God has promised to listen to the heartfelt prayers of His own. There is a Remnant; there will always be a Remnant.

God has always left Himself a witness to Himself on the earth. Within established church congregations, and within the ranks of the chosen unbelievers walking the earth at this time, God is calling for them to “Come out from among them.” Now is the time. The delineation is well underway in our generation. The great polarization has begun, and is underway as I write. Will we hear the call of God? Will we respond to the heart’s cry of God? I think many will, while many more will not; no majority is a remnant.

If we do not seek to escape acknowledging the surrounding darkness, then how do we respond to it? Jesus said He came to undo the works of the devil, and therein lies our commission. He cut the root; we must battle the branches. It is our honor in this generation to stand for the Light in an ever-darkening world. God will see to it that our Light will accomplish His purposes, but only as we are willing.

The holy cry from the throne room of God to the chosen Remnant is, “Come out from among them and be one with Me.” Those who have comfortably straddled the spiritual fence of empty religion, those who have heard the voice of God and felt the pull of the Spirit of God on their hearts, but have turned away in guilty procrastination, now is the time to choose, now is the time to come home to Him. Return, for your time to prepare is shorter today than it was yesterday.

Regardless of age or darkened pasts, God is making everything new for those who turn to Him. Now is the time. “Soon” may be too late. Some years ago I had a relative who spent his life in quiet rebellion against God. I pointedly asked him on two separate occasions if he would turn to God, and at both times his answer was, “Well, I’m still working that out…” I sincerely hope he did, for he is beyond chosing now, and his life was either plucked from the fire, or put into it, but it happened per his own choice.

Turn now; do not wait. We haven’t seen real darkness yet, but it is on the way. The good news for those who belong to God through Jesus Christ, is that we haven’t yet been able to imagine the Light that will be invested in those who’s hearts are steadfast in Him.

Turn now. It is time.


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John Miltenberger is a Christian blogger, visit John on his site: The Trip So Far
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