Obama Lies!

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This past Sunday morning, November 17th, 2013, on ABCs THIS WEEK with host Martha Raddatz, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) admitted Democrats knew full well that Americans would be booted from their health insurance plans.  The Senator further admitted: “the redistributive nature of ObamaCare was the point of the program; anyone claiming ignorance, therefore, is not telling the truth.”   Did you catch the statement…did you read the words and absorb them so you can truly begin understanding the Goliath we are up against?  Here are the senators words again; “the redistributive nature of ObamaCare was the point of the program….” I have been clearly stating the “change” Obama brought with him is to redirect America away from it’s Judeo-Christian core values as a nation into a creation of a global-fascist totalitarian country.  The ultimate goal is the creation of a New-World Order in which America is just another country in the global community run by a small group of Elites.  This push to collapse America began quietly and with much stealth during 1912 and the Wilson presidency; picked-up some speed post World War II when America became the reserve currency of the world and a military super power; slowed-down a little and went underground during the 1950’s with exposure of Communist infiltrators in our government and key societal posts; then resumed a course complete with sophisticated psychological components against the American people, which course continues to this day.  

ObamaCare was meant to be another tool employed for the reshaping of America into a Marxist model the likes Karl Marx, Lenin, Khrushchev, Castro,  and good faithful statists everywhere could identify with and celebrate.  ObamaCare was to be rolled-out to great fanfare and welcomed by all!  Three years working on the roll-out mechanism, over $650-million dollars spent on the system, a host of new workers creating a larger government, special agents, well positioned supporters and mouth pieces everywhere praising this “big f–king deal” as Vice President Biden said, compromised main-stream media – all were prepared to help sway the American public to accept this marvelous step into serious socialism without question, without worry, without catching on to the trap being set to further ensnare multiple millions of citizens of this country into a system identical to that of every socialist country in the world; while, and at the same time, collapsing individual budgets and savings, creating economic and business chaos within the insurance industry and allied fields, forcing increasing lay-offs in hospitals, creating an exodus of private-practice physicians, turning young people away from attending medical schools and careers as physicians, starting a crisis-of-care for those needing health care, not knowing what is acceptable or payable given the massive confusion and denials-of-care associated with ObamaCare.  This transformation nightmare is just beginning!  Wait until January, 2014 when still other changes take effect. Employer mandates kick-in, and employees with corporations, major business, retail, and industry will begin receiving notices of insurance termination.  The current 5-million cancelled plans will be joined by 100-million workers who will have lost their employee insurance benefits.  Obama knew this when he pushed this Marxist program.  The Democrats knew this when they supported this Marxist program.  The New-World Order Elites knew this when they gave Obama and crew the green light to proceed with this Marxist program.   WE THE PEOPLE didn’t know; we were lied to purposefully hoping the trap could be set into place and operative before anyone really knew the truth.  The ObamaCare or Affordable Health Care is just another gigantic puzzle with pieces deliberately missing so we would not catch on and see the full picture.

U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas, 1st District and a true constitutional patriot) revealed that ObamaCare stipulates “the president’s own commissioned and non-commissioned officer corps.”  These heretobefore unknowns are to assist in the event of a national health emergency.  In essence, ObamaCare is developing its’ own police force!  Further revelation (remember this law needed to be passed BEFORE we could learn what was in it?) is the 1,600 new hires by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources as “consumer safety officers” with 86 being tasked with criminal investigations!  And…on the day Mr. Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law in 2010, HHS received authority from the Office of Personnel Management to make emergency hires of 1,814 new hires under an emergency ‘Direct Hiring Authority’ order.  A police state continues to be developed before our eyes, and we are lied to with intent to deceive.  


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LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is a Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Specialist and private-sector Intelligence Analyst. He has provided Intelligence Briefings to selected members of the Arizona State Legislature on Border Security and related threats to State sovereignty since June, 2010. He provides intelligence analysis to elected officials and law enforcement across the Nation. He further distributes articles and commentaries warning the church to the threats coming like a pack of wolves looking for that which they can devour. Lyle is the author of the Amazon Kindle booklet: “Our Forefathers truly Appealed to Heaven” $5 Kindle.