Obama Makes Secret Deal With Iran To Allow Nuclear Production To Continue

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There is no bigger, stronger or more vocal advocate for the furthering of Iranian nuclear ambitions than Barack Hussein Obama. When Iran finally finishes building the nuclear bombs they lust after for much, the signature of the president of the United States of America will be on each and every one of them.

WASHINGTON – Key elements of a new nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers are contained in an informal, 30-page text not yet publicly acknowledged by Western officials, Iran’s chief negotiator said Monday.


Abbas Araqchi disclosed the existence of the document in a Persian-language interview with the semiofficial Iranian Students News Agency.

The new agreement, announced over the weekend, sets out a timetable for how Iran and the six nations, led by the United States, will implement a deal reached in November that is aimed at restraining Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

U.S. officials said Sunday that Iran would be allowed to continue existing research and development projects and with pencil-and-paper design work, but not to advance research with new projects. Araqchi, however, implied that the program would have wide latitude.

“No facility will be closed; enrichment will continue, and qualitative and nuclear research will be expanded,” he said. “All research into a new generation of centrifuges will continue.”

The research and development issue has been an important one for many U.S. lawmakers, who fear that Iran will try to forge ahead with its nuclear program while the negotiations are underway. At an administration briefing for senators Monday, members of both parties raised concerns about the centrifuge research issue, aides said.

President Obama on Monday again hailed the implementing agreement and appealed to Congress not to impose new sanctions on Iran, for fear of driving the country from the bargaining table.

“My preference is for peace and diplomacy, and this is one of the reasons why I’ve sent the message to Congress that now is not the time for us to impose new sanctions; now is the time for us to allow the diplomats and technical experts to do their work,” Obama said. “What we want to do is give diplomacy a chance and give peace a chance.” source – LA Times

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      Hi Larson, thanks for stopping. My heart breaks for Pastor Saeed! Why would we give Iran even the slightest consideration to remove the sanctions against Iran until Saeed, an American citizen, falsely imprisoned in Iran was returned to this country? Iran is not being honest with their nuclear testing. Who doesn’t know that? The fact that the government of Iran has said many times, “Death to America” means they want us destroyed. Do you think that Obama believes that they now changed their mind? It is a travesty of all that we stand for to let Saeed succumb to torture and possibly death in an evil Iranian prison. Imagine what would happen if we falsely imprisoned and Iranian citizen! We have to keep Saeed out there in the news. Let us not forget that one of our citizens needs our help even if the powers that be aren’t willing to help.

      1. Thanks for your response.. I actually wrote my Senator (Dianne Feinstein) and voiced my displeasure with our government being more concerned about relations with a country ready to destroy Israel than an American citizen rotting away in conditions that probably would have anyone acknowledging the Geneva Convention thrown in that same prison. Before we agreed to anything, we should have made our American’s release a condition of accepting any deal. But like a class of first graders at the zoo, we were more concerned about our surroundings than the importance of humanity.
        I would like to believe she (Dianne Feinstein) is sincere in following up on Saeed, but that remains to be seen. I did speak up for him to a government official. I know that God hasn’t forgotten Saeed, and neither have I. As a Cold War Veteran, I’m appalled at what this once great country (under the leadership of Barack Obama) has succumbed to. I only pray that God will forgive us for removing Him out of just about everything in America.
        The last thing a judge said to a “convicted criminal” before he was hanged was,”and may God have mercy on your soul”. May God have mercy on America. .

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          Hi Larson, I am right with you in your sentiments that that this once great country did indeed succumb to deception under Obama! God’s justice must mete out judgment onus for us removing God’s ways from everything here. I believe that faithful of God are the only reason we are not totally destroyed off the map right now! Sodom and Gomorrah were nothing compared to the evil being perpetrated today and overwhelmingly accepted! I pray God’s mercy on us and that others will see that they are headed for destruction. And we need to continue to pressure our official to take a strong stand against Iran to have Saeed Abedini returned back to America! If this administration won’t do that for Saeed – you can bet that it won’t do anything to help any one of us in danger! How sad it that?

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      He would have a hard time keeping that secret, Wulfrano. But we don’t have to hand over nuclear weapons, we are allowing them to make their own!!! They have it just about done and the rest will be history.

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