One Step Away – From Jesus


I want any of you who read/watch this to really stop and listen to Mark’s words here. If you have sinned, if you have moved away from Christ, if you even have only considered Christ as your Savior – you are only one step away from truly being forgiven in any case. Jesus will take you as you are – even if you already know Him – just come back into the fold, trust in Christ to save you, even from yourself.

If you have made mistakes, if you have never trusted in Jesus as Savior, now is the time to do so. Jesus will take you as you are, even if you have been backsliding. The Apostle Peter denied Christ 3 times! Jesus took him back and loved him anyway.

The forgiveness and love of Christ is available to all, regardless of circumstance. If you are trusting in anything other than Christ including yourself, you have NO hope. If you place your hope in Christ to save you regardless of circumstance – your hope WILL be fulfilled.

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