Pope Francis: Anyone who wants border walls is ‘not Christian’


I am struck with the hypocrisy of Pope Francis to make the statement that anyone who wants to build  border walls is not a Christian! Is this being said by the same Pope who has an impenetrable Vatican army surrounding where he lives and armed patrol everywhere he goes? This from the Vatican leader who has permitted only TWO refugee families entrance to the city yet wants all other countries to open up the borders to allow any and all unvetted refugees that he is obviously not trusting to live by him. This is nothing short of a scandalous shame against Pope Francis.  He needs to stay out of politics and global change and instead, preach Christ!  MB

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ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE (AP) — Pope Francis said Thursday that Donald Trump is “not Christian” if he intends to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border. Trump immediately fired back, saying it is disgraceful for a religious leader to question a person’s faith.

Trump, a leading U.S. Republican presidential candidate, has promised to build a wall along the Mexican border from Texas to California and expel 11 million people who are in the country illegally if elected president. The Pope’s comments en route home from Mexico came hours after he prayed at the Mexico-U.S. border for people who died trying to reach the United States.

“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,” Francis said. “This is not in the Gospel.”

Not having heard Trump’s border plans independently, Francis said he’d “give him the benefit of the doubt.” But he added: “I’d just say that this man is not Christian if he said it this way.”

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, another Republican presidential contender, has also supported building a border wall, and joked that he will make Trump pay for it.

Trump, a Presbyterian, last week criticized Francis’ plans to pray at the border. He said the move was ill-informed and showed Francis to be a political figure being exploited by the Mexican government.

“I don’t think he understands the danger of the open border that we have with Mexico,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News. “I think Mexico got him to do it because they want to keep the border just the way it is. They’re making a fortune, and we’re losing.”

On Thursday, he responded to the Pope’s comments during a campaign stop in Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

“No leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man’s religion or faith,” he said. “They are using the Pope as a pawn and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing so, especially when so many lives are involved and when illegal immigration is so rampant.”

He also said the Mexican government has disparaged him to the Pope and separately invoked the Islamic State group, saying that if it attacks the Vatican, “I can promise you that the Pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been president because this would not have happened.”

Asked if he felt he was being used as a pawn of Mexico, Francis said he didn’t know.

“I leave that judgment to you, the people.”

But he seemed quite pleased to hear that Trump had called him a “political” figure, noting that Aristotle had described the human being as a “political animal.”

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I seek first the kingdom of Christ because everything else in this world is perishing. All that I have is from God who is always faithful. I have worked hard all my life and will continue as long as God lends me breath. The mistakes and bad judgments I made in my life all stemmed from me trying to work things out by myself. I have learned the hard way that the victory over all of my problems and the answers to all of my desires lie solely in my Savior, Jesus Christ.

It is now my desire to share the words that God gives me to encourage and give hope to others who need the strength that only faith in Christ can give.

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  1. This Pope should as any other preach Christ – although he first needs to preach the real Christ and the real Bible. I’m sure Pope Francis was pleased with Trump saying he is political, Pope Francis does a much better job of being political then he does as leader of a large church.

  2. You’re right, Greg. This pope is not preaching Christ or talking about the plight of persecuted Christians and calling for something to be done to help them. He is acting like a politician on climate change and borders and he is on Obama’s side. It just upsets me that he is into a new world order or Communism is more like it, when the Vatican has more money, jewels and artwork than anyone else in the world.

  3. What utter hypocrites! Obama and the Pope are both surrounded by security, 24/7/365, but they tell us we’re evil for wanting to close our borders to those who come here and commit illegal acts. Obama is doing all he can to knowingly overburden the taxpayers; giving government benefits to illegals; giving “tax refunds” to illegals who never paid taxes to begin with. He is acting illegally, in favor of people who are alien to this country, against American citizens. Isn’t that the definition of treason?

    Obama and the Pope even shame us for not wanting Muslims to come here. They want us to be “politically correct,” even if it kills us! And since all Muslims follow the Quran, which is the official holy book of Islam, and since it’s Muslims who threaten to kill all who don’t follow Islam, Obama and the Pope are trying to sentence each of us to death and forbid us to protect ourselves. Please also remember that Obama has said that gun confiscation will be his main objective during the last year of his presidency. How convenient for the criminal element in this country and for those who want to kill us!

    If we keep our guns, hundreds more may die in mass shootings over the next few years, but when you compare those hundreds with the MILLIONS who will die if Obama has his way. I don’t want ANYONE to be killed by a firearm, but I believe that losing hundreds would be a much more acceptable alternative. It’s the evil in the hearts of men that kill so many, … because of fear, … hatred, … revenge, … jealousy, because of greed. Guns experience none of these emotions. Like a screwdriver, they’re just tools that men use. It’s because of the evil in his own heart that Obama wants to take firearms away from those of us who have proven that we are legal and responsible gun owners. If he really cared about mass shootings, he wouldn’t have been so irresponsible with the “Fast and Furious” program of gun running. Real people died because of their carelessness, and Obama defended those who were at fault. Probably because HE was at fault, but instead of being a man and admitting his careless deeds, he denied any wrong doing. If Obama really cared about the safety of the American people, he would make sure that proper sentences were given to those who commit crimes with guns, instead of giving them a smack on the wrist and sending them back into society.

    1. Post

      Hi Robbie, I can tell you are frustrated by all the hypocrisy filling up this country and the world. A lot of us feel the same way. I believe this is America’s darkest hour. We are living in a time when truth has been exchanged for a lie. Our only hope is knowing that Christ is still in control and that evil will one day be destroyed. Like you, I am also upset as I see this country being decimated by the evil agenda of a few. But in the end, God is going to have his way. No President is going to stop that.

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