Report: Vatican Pushing for Control of Mount Zion



My comment:  This carving up of Jerusalem into pieces and parts, giving some to the Christians, and some to the Muslims is not only wrong, it’s rediculous.  Would the US government stand by while we carved up New York between all the different ethnicities that live there?  For instance, long Island can go to the Italians and the French, broadway can go to the germans, Ground zero to the muslims, etc.  You get the idea.  Can you imagine what chaos would ensue?  This carving is part of the World Governing body that has come into focus the last few years.  It’s man’s attempts to create eutopia.  There will be no eutopia.  The hatred that exists in this part of the world is unimaginable.  Doing this will only cause sudden death, much like this.  All medical and some non-medical personnel know that when you have someone impaled with an object or knife, you stabilize the object until you can remove it safely preferably in a hospital, if you remove it on the spot without safety measures in place, you have massive hemorrahging, and sudden death.  This is what they have been doing in the middle east and now Israel, they are removing a stabilized object and causing hemorraging.  They did it with Libya, they did it with Egypt, they even did it with Syria.  And it goes on and on.  They have no idea what they are doing.  Israel has been a stabilizing factor in the middle east.  Jerusalem is a boiling pot that is waiting to boil over.  They are forcing Israel to stop construction, they are forcing Israel to give up soveigrnty of Holy Sites, they are forcing Israel to accept a foreign body governing them.


(Israel National News) Christian leaders reportedly pressured Israel to turn over control of Mount Zion in Jerusalem during a clandestine meeting of senior city officials.

The meeting took place Tuesday in the office of Attorney Amnon Merhav, the director-general of the Jerusalem municipality. It was attended by officials from the Prime Minister’s Office, President’s Office, Tourism Ministry, Police, Kotel Rabbi’s Office, and more.

During the meeting, representatives of Christian groups in the capital pushed Jerusalem leaders to give the Catholic Church control over the Mount Zion area that includes the “Hall of the Last Supper.” There have been reports that Israel’s government is planning to turn the building in question over to the Vatican prior to the Pope’s expected visit in May.

Pope Francis is expected to visit Israel and to lead a service in the Hall of the Last Supper.

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  1. Y’Shua HaMessiach was and is Hebrew, not Greco Roman. The Greco Roman, pagan institution called the Catholic Church owns the pagan term Christian. We need to stop identifying in .greco roman terms! understand that Christianity is not Y’Shua HaMessiach, and understand that the Pope is part of the NWO plan to bring satan to the throne in Jerusalem. Satan has no creative new ideas, he only emulates Y’Shua, tries to take the plans of Y’Shua and make them his own. That’s why he wants those sacred places and why the Catholic Church is making it happen. The war is on…and the return of Y’Shua is near.

    1. Dear Judy. After 2000 years without a temple, I think it’s fair Jews should finally have one in Jerusalem instead of the stupid Muslim temple that sits there now (event though it might be to house the Antichrist).

      1. The Jews will have a temple and it will house the anti-christ.

        That makes it all the more important for us to be assured of our salvation in Christ, safely tucked under the mighty wings of God. In the end, nothing the Vatican does will matter to those who are IN Christ Jesus. We all DO need to be praying for those trapped in the false teachings of the Catholic church…many do not know the Lord and depend on good works to save them as taught by the Catholic church.

        God bless Wulfrano

    2. Actually that does not matter, who owns what term if that is even possible is inconsequential. These are only words…
      What does matter is your (all of us) relationship with Christ.

      God bless

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