Republican House Approves Taxpayer Funded Sex Reassignment Surgeries

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Why would solid Conservative Republicans vote in favor of using our taxes to fund transgender surgeries for our troops?  WHY?  Oh, I don’t know……maybe because these people who ran as Republicans were actually Dems. I can see them high-fiving one another over this. This is purely satanic.

Oh brethren, this world is definitely not our home.


Republican House Approves Taxpayer Funded Transgender Surgery for Troops

Because there’s nothing more important for our military than sex change operations.


The vote failed 214 to 209
24 Republicans voted with Democrats to defeat the amendment.

Liberals cheered the vote.
They think you should pay for the procedures.

The Washington Post reported:

The Republican-led House narrowly rejected a measure on Thursday that sought to strike an Obama-era practice of requiring the Pentagon to pay for gender transition surgeries and hormone therapy.

Democrats described the proposal as bigoted, unconstitutional and cowardly and they won support from 24 GOP lawmakers to scuttle the amendment to the annual defense policy bill, 214-209.

The amendment crafted by Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo., would have forbid money from being spent by the military’s health care system for medical treatment related to gender transition. Hartzler portrayed her proposal as a good government plan aimed at assuring military dollars are spent only on critical national defense needs. – source

In case you missed my article on a top psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins who believes that transgenderism is a mental disorder, I will be placing the link below. The doctors at Hopkins were persuaded by this psychiatrist, and now Hopkins will no longer do these surgeries:

Top Psychiatrist From Hopkins Says Transgenderism Is A Mental Disorder

I have said for years that America is under the Righteous judgment of our Holy God. Do you think that God pulled back His judgment because Donald Trump was elected?  Think again….

Our Lord was and is waiting for His people to repent of their sins and turn to Him. Do you realize that most of the churches in America are now apostate? Do you know that many churches are marrying same sex couples?  And more importantly – do you know that the church in America, as a whole, is complacent and detached from the will of God?

Can you say “Laodicean church?”

Making America great again is not part of God’s will, unless great entails bringing God’s people to repentance – on their face repentance.

From where I sit, this has not happened. If anything, the church has gone back to sleep. Where are those who are speaking out against immorality?  They are few and far between.

The SIN in America is a stench in the nostrils of our God.  We are on a slippery slope and will soon be just like Europe.  So sad.

Brethren, we are the remnant of the true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We must be on our knees daily in prayer for this once great country.


Republished with permission Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I am a Jewish Christian who was born-again in 1983. Yeshua is my life. Writing about Him is my passion. Maranatha!!

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