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 Written by John Miltenberger

This morning I am filled with hope. In fact, I’m excited with it.

Last night the President gave his annual State of The Union address. Since I canceled my account with Direct TV over two years ago, I missed the speech. By all accounts, I didn’t miss much. I don’t usually like fiction over non fiction, and that statement actually sums up my relationship with television.  I heard some time ago that there was no gold in Fort Knox. True or not, I do know that our money has no backing in any form of tangible standard of value – i.e., no connection with a base of reality. My dollar now has no basis for evaluation other than the fictional value assigned to it by the recipient. It is no different than the value placed on the $500 note in Monopoly games, a value agreed upon by the players…but only during the duration of the game. But I’m filled with hope today.

I’m not really crazy; I just know a great secret: God and His Word is my gold standard. No doubt that will seem like pie in the sky to those looking for any other standard in this world, but I’ve been where they are, and I can assure them: God and His Word is the only real gold standard. It never devalues, it never gets old, and it never can be taken away by political intrigue.

I’ll stick to my gold standard. It makes the rock of Gibraltar look like nothing more than a whimsy of gravel.

One of the biggest issues which we’ve been trying to sweep under the rug of our conscience is the terminal issue of United States’ debt. And it is a terminal issue. If we get everything else right, but miss on that…it’s terminal. There is good news however. We can adopt a different gold standard – mine. What I am not saying is that hard times won’t come if we all dress up and go to church next weekend. Many have already tried that. I went into a barn once, but I never became a horse.

Monopoly money only has value between two consenting players. In other words, unless we “get in the game”, a stack of Monopoly money will do us no good. But how to get in the game?

Open your bible to 1st Corinthians 6:17. It plainly says, ‘But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.’ And that is how we ‘get in the game’. It is not difficult. It’s just hard for us to swallow our pride long enough to do it.

The vast majority of secular people are probably snorting in derision by now, but let me say this: What you have always thought of as “Reality” is no more than the ordained derivative of the only true Reality. And instead of looking for any kind of political messiah, you need to sign on with the only real One.

The priest in the movie, Rudy, has a great line. It goes like this: “In over thirty-five years of being a Christian, I’ve learned two things: There is a God….and I’m not Him.” Perhaps the great economists of our time should watch that movie! I don’t suppose that movie got much exposure to the Beltway folks.

My gold standard was not impacted in the slightest by last night’s charade. In fact, my hope is brighter today than yesterday, just as one small flashlight seems to shine brighter the greater the darkness. And my Hope can’t be killed; we did that already and He rose back to life.

If you feel the need to get a new gold standard, I invite you to join me in mine. 1st Corinthians 6:17 perfectly describes what your state of the union can become.

The game’s already been won, but He Who owns the game gets great pleasure watching us play, and He’d love to show us how to play effectively.



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John Miltenberger is a Christian blogger, visit John on his site: The Trip So Far
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  1. I also have heard that Fort Knox has been empty for many years.Social Security is also empty and full of I.O.U’s.Faith in the leadership of this country or any other country is fruitless.Hope in the Lord thru his death on the cross and resurrection is the only sure bet.As a Christian the most important things that I have learned…..I am a sinner and my sins have been paid for by my Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ.Thru my acceptance of this gift of grace,my name is written in the book of life.So,no matter what happens,I will spend eternity in paradise with my Lord.

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