Harsh racist slogans against Jews and Israel Defense Forces soldiers are shouted on the Temple Mount.   (reblogged from News that Matters)

islam1_2The Muslims put their butts up towards the Dome of the rock, when they pray towards Mecca  for Israels destruction.

Does anyone believe that giving the Palestinians more land that it will bring peace? These people are praying for the destruction of Israel as well as chanting “death to America”!  There is no reasoning with them.

OP-ED by Gonen Ginat, in Israel Hayom

Quote: “In recordings in the police’s possession, your client [Yehuda Glick] is seen and heard praying … and reciting the prayer for the welfare of the State of Israel and for the welfare of IDF soldiers. … A criminal file has been opened against your client. … Signed: Superintendent Shimi Marciano.”

I do not know Yehuda Glick personally. But his name is familiar to anyone who keeps up with the news: He is one of the people who works to encourage Jews to visit the Temple Mount. The State of Israel and its judiciary have never deemed this activity as illegal. On the contrary: The High Court of Justice has ruled time and again that Jews are permitted to pray on the Temple Mount — providing, of course, that public order is preserved.

Now, what should one do when he comes across an official state document, bearing the Israel Police letterhead, stating that this man, Yehuda Glick (whom I have never met or spoken with), is barred from going up to the Temple Mount because he was caught praying there? It is true that entrance to the compound must be coordinated ahead of time, and it is well known that one must avoid creating any provocation on the premises, but let’s not get carried away.

There is something else. Demonstrations against the state take place routinely on the Temple Mount. Harsh racist slogans against Jews and Israel Defense Forces soldiers are shouted there, and posters bearing similar messages are prevalent as well. All of this is done under the aegis of free speech. Fine. We can live with that. But if freedom of speech allows people to insult the state and wish death on its soldiers, does it not tolerate the recitation of prayers for the welfare of the state and its soldiers in the same place?

But as it turns out, the police have determined that some prayers are permitted while others are forbidden. One may pray on the Temple Mount for the destruction of Israel, but one may not pray for its welfare.


My comment:

It is absurd that Israel ban prayers for the safety and prosperity of the Jewish homeland.  And on the same place, permit prayers for Israel’s destruction.

Muslims who pray for Israel’s destruction and are involved in incitement of terrorism, should basically be deported back to , the Kingdom of Jordan, the nation who occupied Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967. When they are deported back to the city of Amnan, these Muslims can continue to chant their religious prayers to Satan, and hope for his guidance.

All Messianic believers understand, that prayers for Israel’s destruction only bring destruction on the wicked men, and their families.  Because Satan is defeated. After the Messiah died and resurrected in Jerusalem, Satan is stripped of powers over all who believe. All powers in Heaven and Earth are now with Jesus the Messiah. He is the rock of Israel and our salvation. Amen.

Written by Ivar



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