I remember years ago it used to be that the only TV news was ABC, CBS, and NBC – yes I’m dating myself here. Back then it was Walter Cronkite “the most trusted man in America”, who closed his newscast with, “And that’s the way it is”. He may have been the most trusted man in America – but he also leaned to the left. Then along came Fox and CNN (Clinton News Network). Other than that there were the newspapers to get your daily news fix.

My how things have changed and have not changed at the same time. Now we have many, many sources for news – many of them on the Internet – that is the change. What has not changed is that in the majority of news services – you see, read,  or hear – only what they the news services want you to see, read, or hear. The mainstream media is a left leaning collection of self-serving cover-up artists.

Let me give you a few examples:

Two US Naval vessels were recently “captured” by Iran on January 12th so says the news. Actually they were detained because they were ordered to stand down by our own government, we had an aircraft carrier right there in the region. Smell anything funny here? The date this incident occurred was not January 12th as reported, it was December 29th – you can read more about that here.

Remember NBC News – Brian Williams? He not only reported the news, he fabricated it.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky? Newsweek buried that story to protect President Clinton.

CNN: in exchange for keeping its Baghdad Bureau open, CNN regularly lied to viewers about Saddam Hussein’s Human Rights Atrocities.

The list of media cover-ups and wrong-doing is endless. You can find a pretty good list of these kinds of things in an article on Breitbart.

President Obama lies through his teeth, makes outlandish statements – like ISIS is not Islam and the mainstream media gives him a pass. Obama issues illegal executive orders, browbeats Congress (although he does not seem to have to work at it too hard) into doing what he wants and the media barely bats an eye. Obama is in my opinion the worst president we have ever had, and still the media supports him – Obama is the mainstream media’s darling. If Ronald Reagan had pulled half of what Obama has done – the media would have crucified him for it.

Trusting today’s mainstream media to keep you informed is like trusting in Satan to get you to heaven. They will report the news, but only the news they decide to show you. You will get some of the facts, but not all of them – what the media does not want known they bury. Am I saying that there are no good people in mainstream media? No, there are good people everywhere, but in general the mainstream media has shown itself to be left leaning, unreliable, and definitely untrustworthy.

Do yourself a favor – if you want to know what’s really going on you are much better off going to an alternative media source. I believe the American people are waking up to the deception of the mainstream media and are doing exactly that. Alternative media is slowly catching on – because that is where the truth will be found, because the truth seems often to be missing in action in the mainstream media.

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