The Media Teams with Democrats to Blame the NRA and the GOP for Las Vegas Tragedy


By Onan Coca

In the wake of the Tragedy in Las Vegas, the Left is Working Overtime to Ban our Guns and Strip Us of our Rights. Don’t Let Them Do It. Find Out How You Can Fight Back by Clicking Here.

It was as if every American leftist woke up Monday morning and realized that they had to heed Rahm Emanuel’s advice and use the Las Vegas tragedy to politicize the one cause that the nation is most united against them on.

Gun Control.

The vast majority of the nation disagrees with the left on their ever-expanding efforts to undermine the 2nd Amendment. No, I don’t mean that most Americans are against ALL gun laws, they’re not. But the voting record is clear – most Americans strongly believe that the 2nd Amendment must be protected.

On Monday, Tuesday, and even this morning most of the stories in the media are not about the shooting in Las Vegas but about how the GOP and the NRA are culpable in the deadly attack. Yes, it’s a disgusting lie. Yes, it’s an evil connection to make. Yes, when the left blames GOP politicians and the NRA they are actually blaming the majority of Americans who agree with those politicians and the NRA. But the left doesn’t care who they smear or who they have to lie about – they simply know that they must take away our guns.

Think i’m exaggerating the problem? See it for yourself:

The worst part about all of this is that NONE of these anti-gun regulations, laws, or ideas that any of these people are spewing would have actually stopped the Las Vegas attack.

Fully automatic guns are already illegal. Expanded background checks? The shooter passed them and bought the guns legally. Mental health concerns? There was no mental health warning with this shooter. “Assault Weapons Ban”? Gun violence has gone DOWN since the Clinton ban expired and that list was purely cosmetic anyway. The equivalent of all of the guns banned by the Clinton ban could be purchased if the rifle looked less scary.

The reality is that mass shootings will always be a danger as long as even one gun exists, but banning law abiding citizens from owning guns is the only sure way to make citizens helpless and to empower criminals.

In the wake of the Tragedy in Las Vegas, the Left is Working Overtime to Ban our Guns and Strip Us of our Rights. Don’t Let Them Do It. Find Out How You Can Fight Back by Clicking Here.

By the way the left partnered on this kind of smearing of the GOP after Hurricane Harvey too.

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