By Michael Snyder

After everything, it is going to come down to the last 90 days. Hundreds of you have already gotten involved in this campaign either as volunteers or donors, and we have shocked the Idaho political elite by becoming one of the leading contenders in this race. But there is no prize for coming in second place. On May 15th, the voters in Idaho’s first congressional district will make their choice, and we didn’t put our blood, sweat and tears into this thing to come in second or third. As I write this, there are four candidates that still have a legitimate shot of winning, and we are one of the four. Our numbers have been steadily improving, and it is an incredibly tight race. We have a great plan for pulling ahead during the final three months, but we need more resources in order to implement it. Some of the best political minds in Idaho are on our team, and we know exactly what we need to do, but in order to make our plan a reality we need a $50,000 miracle. If you feel a prompting in your heart to help, here is the information that you will need…

Donate By Credit Card Online:

Donate By Paypal:

Donate By Check: Make your check out to “Michael Snyder For Congress” and send it to the following address…

Michael Snyder For Congress
PO Box 1136
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

If 1,000 of my readers each donated $50 today, we would have everything we need to implement our plan for the rest of this election by tomorrow.

Unfortunately, if we don’t win this election it is going to be a major disaster for the Trump movement. We don’t want to send someone to Washington that has publicly said that he “never” will support Donald Trump. We don’t want to send someone to Washington that has publicly said that Donald Trump “can go straight to hell”. And we definitely don’t want to send someone to Washington that voted against Donald Trump and that has literally surrounded himself with “never Trumpers”.

At first I didn’t fully understand why the Lord moved me in this direction, but now it has become exceedingly clear that there are no other acceptable options in this race. Trump voters all over the district are pouring into our campaign, but there are still hundreds of thousands more voters that we need to reach with our message.

We are hoping that President Trump himself will come out to Idaho and make an appearance in support of our campaign. If you would like to see this happen, there is something that you can do to help us.

We are encouraging all of our supporters to write to President Trump. Please let him know that we would love to have him come out to Idaho and help get out the vote for our campaign. If you would like to lend your hand to the effort, you can find the information for contacting the White House right here…

You can also contact the Trump team on Trump’s social media accounts…



If hundreds of you make your voices heard, it will make a huge difference. And if we can get President Trump to make even a brief appearance on behalf of our campaign, that would almost certainly be enough to get us the victory.

Last week we had a very successful visit to central Idaho, and this week we will be down in south Idaho once again. Everywhere we go the response to our campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, and we won the most recent KIDO online survey by a wide margin.

But a couple of our opponents have raised a bit more money than us, and we must close that gap. We cannot allow a RINO to steal this seat by simply outspending us.

Have you ever seen an Olympic athlete run out of gas and blow a lead at the very end of a long race? Well, we definitely do not want that to happen to us. Throughout the second half of 2017 we worked incredibly hard in order to put ourselves into a position to win this thing, and now this is the big final push. Fundraising is down from last quarter, but now is the time when we actually need it the most.

If you would like to see us win this race for Congress, please consider donating to the campaign. We literally need a miracle, and you can be part of that miracle by making a contribution today…

Donate By Credit Card Online:

Donate By Paypal:

Donate By Check: Make your check out to “Michael Snyder For Congress” and send it to the following address…

Michael Snyder For Congress
PO Box 1136
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

I would like to thank everyone that has gotten involved in the campaign so far. What we have already accomplished is a major miracle, and we have already completely shocked the Idaho political establishment.

But coming in second or third is not good enough, and in order to win on May 15th we have got to give it everything that we have got over the next 3 months.

In Liberty,

Michael Snyder

Republished with permission The Most Important News


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