We Are Still ‘One Nation Under God’

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I have seen so much negative about our country from overseas and even from America.  This may not be a Happy 4th of July, as we are starting to see a decay of all founding morals and beliefs, but we are for the moment still ‘ONE NATION UNDER GOD!’  Our pledge of allegiance states that, no matter how bad the powers that be backed by satan want to take that away from us.  Our money still say’s ‘IN GOD WE TRUST!’  So let’s celebrate this day by remembering and teaching our children and grandchildren what this country was founded on.  Don’t listen to the negative, accentuate the positive.  Millions of lives have been lost to give us the freedoms they are attempting to take away from us.  Let’s never forget that.  Let’s make some noise and show the world that AMERICANS are moral regardless of what our government does.  Americans do care, Americans do believe in God, Americans do treasure the freedoms and inalienable rights given to us by God.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Let’s pray and thank God for the years of blessings He’s given us.

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Female, Christian blogger, writing, watching, uniting in prayer with the Body of Christ. Romans 1:16 For I am not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.

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  1. Our money still say’s ‘IN GOD WE TRUST, but the hearts of the people speak a different message.

    We as Christians should be mourning and not celebrating.What are we celebrating, the past,long gone ?
    There was a day when God’s people had the sense to end the celebrations and go to sack cloth and ashes
    When God sent Jeremiah with His very negative message for His people Israel,they also were in too much af a patriotic mood to heed and prepare. Instead the attacked the messenger and called him every name in the book ,like traitor,unloving,too negative,etc.
    They refused to believe that their very own God (of Israel) had put a bulls eye of destruction on them and their land because their hearts were full of idols, just like modern day Christian in America.
    There really is nothing new under the sun as we see history again repeating in the proud land full of idol’s and delusion.

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  2. GOD bless America!
    GOD bless Philippines
    And GOD bless the whole world!
    Have Mercy on Us Oh LIVING GOD!
    The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

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