Written by John Miltenberger

‘If we agree that the most important thing is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, then surely we must also agree that the second most important thing is the preservation of the freedom to do the most important thing.’ [Dan Fisher; Bringing Back The Black-Robed Regiment, Vol 1]

A feeble executive implies a feeble execution of the government. A feeble execution is but another phrase for a bad execution; and a government ill executed, whatever may be its theory, must be, in practice, a bad government. [Alexander Hamilton in Federalist 69 (1787)]

It would seem the global agenda so prevalent within and without the United States is extremely threatened by American exceptionalism. So much so, that the recurrent theme in most American media is aimed at degrading and defaming it as if it’s a glaring negative. Perhaps globalists think we will meekly submit ourselves to their agenda of brainwashing, and like them, view exceptionalism as a threat to world peace. I am sure they want us to assume the consequent guilt, and allow it to drive us into dumbed down, easy to control parity with the rest of the world. I strongly object.

America really is exceptional. We came into being in an exceptional manner. Our very national foundations are exceptional, being firmly grounded on God’s Word. What other nation can lay claim to that? But as most nations of the world seem to be on board with the insufficiency of nationalistic “Sameness”, America sticks out, and to fit America into the globalist mold, everything about us that ‘sticks out’ must be eliminated.

The current trend to “conform” America has been observable for many decades now, but it has been largely ignored, or relegated to the supposed fiction-mindset of those brash enough to question it. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, when we began to have European measurements foisted upon us in our public schools, it was deemed silly to complain. I said to my family then that we had no business following Europe into anything, and I warned that if not stopped, this “innocent” trend would ultimately result in European decadence being imported into America. Of course, I was laughed at for what appeared to be a ridiculous overreaction. Whether or not that was the case, I still feel very strongly that America should be leading, not following.

God did not establish America in order to spread the Old World to another continent. That comment is predicated upon the belief that God did indeed, establish America. Uniquely founded by God-fearing men, and dedicated to Him without shame, America was special on it’s first day, and quite frankly, it upsets me to see so many of our citizens currently dedicated to shoving us into a global mold. It is reminiscent of 1st Samuel 8:19-20, when God’s people wanted to be like all the other nations. They cast off their exceptionalism and the God of it, and ultimately lost their country.

The slow, decades long erosion of our values shifted gears abruptly with the election of Mr. Obama in 2008. I said then that just as the lights had gone out in Europe after 1939, the lights went out in America in 2008, and in my mind I couldn’t escape the picture of a darkened, North American continent. But rather than following the herd into a chasm of fear, the questions Christians should be asking are: “Why did God allow this to happen to us?”, and “What does God expect of us now that it has?”

I believe it was allowed because God is allowing us to have a taste of what we thought we wanted. I also believe the Church of Jesus Christ is beginning to wake up, and accept responsibility for being asleep at the wheel for generations. Even those who have been comfortably hidden within the four walls of their churches, are now beginning to find truth in an old axiom: “Desperation will lead to change”. Day by day the water in the pot of our society is boiling off our complacency, no less in our churches.

In that context I say, “Thank you God for sending us Mr. Obama!” No lesser evil could have brought about the onus to change. And change we must. We have no guarantee that Americans will always live on this land. We left that warranty behind when we turned our “sophisticated” backs on the God of the Bible and the only One Who established America as the light on a hill.

While I am certain that Christians will not reign on the earth until after Jesus Christ returns, I also have no doubt that if we cast off the cowardice of PC and take a bold stand, with prayer and the courage God will provide, we will make a remarkable difference for the lost multitudes who are currently desperate to find for themselves the reality of God. And while that window of time may not be big, it is beginning to open for those who are willing to be useful in His service.



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John Miltenberger is a Christian blogger, visit John on his site: The Trip So Far
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