Will America Ever Pull the Plug on the Obama Regime?


obama in newsrooms

When the final results of the 2008 Presidential Election was announced, the Obama organization orchestrated the most disturbing victory celebration that I have ever seen in this country. Let me be accurate here, I did not watch the celebration because, from the very outset of the event, I began to develop an overwhelming sense of foreboding because of the stark similarities between the Obama Victory Celebration in Chicago and the torch lit massive events held in Zeppelin field in Nuremberg Germany by the adoring disciples of Her Adolph Hitler.

From the very beginning, I mentally compared the Obama clan with that old TV series “The Beverly Hillbillies.”  In a very short time, I decided the comparison was unfair to Jed Clampett’s clan. Jed Clampett always showed an earthy and well-grounded wisdom, and I saw none of that anywhere near the Obama clan. Somehow my comparison shifted from The Beverly Hillbillies to what my mother was fond of calling “poor white trash”.

Yes, I know that the Obama clan claims to be black Americans, but the DSIC (Demented Socialist in Charge) is allegedly “half-and-half” and leans to his black side whenever he can do so to his personal advantage. To me, he is neither black nor white; he and his strumpet are an enduring embarrassment that will long outlive the shame of this nation’s involvement in slavery.

The only important question is: Will this nation outlive the Obama assault on the American Dream and the American way of life?

From the very beginning, the Obama Regime has backed the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and in so doing has destroyed every ally of America and every government committed to Democracy in whatever form. The Obama Regime has also appointed members of this organization whose sole mission is the destruction of America to highly sensitive positions in our government.

As the DSIC strips America of her allies, he wages one purge after another on our own military; forcing the retirement of senior officers, cutting personnel size to the lowest levels in modern times, and cutting funding to the families of our military – active and retired.

In so doing, he has emboldened our greatest adversary to date: Russia. And nothing goes unnoticed by The People’s Republic of China.

Ronald Reagan caused the implosion of the Old Russian Empire and Barack Obama has done his utmost to revive it.

As Vladimir Putin begins his march to reassemble the Old Russian Empire, the DSIC places harsh economic sanctions against less than a dozen of Mr. Putin’s friends by freezing all their American assets.

But wait!

As of this morning, no one is certain if any of those people actually have any assets in this country.

If the DSIC’s pals in Holly-weird were to make a move of this buffoon and his regime, they would have to title it: “Keystone Cops Revisited.”

But what this regime has done and continues to do to this country is not funny; it is frightening. The only ones laughing are the Russians, and they are doing so loudly and repeatedly in the world press.

Once a wolf pack smells blood, the hunt begins in earnest, and the result will be a meal. The pack that both hates and envies what was once America smells blood; the blood of our once proud nation running down the sewer ditch through history, carved skillfully by Barack Obama and his disciples.

Will Americans continue to hide in their personal dens, surrounded by their toys and prized possessions, or will they find the courage to stand for freedom and liberty as did those who birthed this nation? Only time will tell, and we are running out of time.

SOURCE: Freedom Outpost

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  1. Greg, the difference between Keystone Cops and Beverly Hillbillies is that they were entertaining and well intentioned. This administration, starring King Obama is more like a show where destruction and intention without humor are highlighted. It is somewhere between a daily soap show, with deceptive characters and a plot of many characters, and a Hitchcock movie with spies and plots and twists that are almost unimaginable to most of us common folk. This administration is anything but a joke, I wish it were amusing but it is dark, deceptive, filled with motive and intention and worst of all the only reality show that is really based on reality. And I agree it is time we stand for truth and justice and begin to rid ourselves of this horror show. I pray that many eyes be opened so we can correct the course of this country and that it happen soon. May God hear our cries and respond accordingly.

    1. Post

      Rabbi Eric,

      What a great insight, I agree completely. I have said that the ways and actions of Obama would be laughable except for the fact that real people are being hurt by his actions and this of course includes unbelievers.

      There is at least some outrage for what the Muslims in some countries are doing and even that is not enough way to much goes by unnoticed…but my point is where is the outrage as a nation against the dishonorable actions of Obama? Where is the outrage of the American people against a president that breaks the law at will to suit his needs and even flaunts it ahead of time?

      This pathetic excuse for a president is leading the people into harms way while systemically destroying the tools with which we can defend ourselves. Total government dependence is what he is after, and then he can yank that rug out from under us as well.

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