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You Are Holy


Sometimes I think we forget or temporarily misplace this simple truth – God is holy, and therefore the answer to all of our problems. There is nothing He does not know, there is nothing He cannot deal with, there is nothing that catches God by surprise. Never will there come a time when God says, “I did not see that coming.”

Just because we may not get the answer we want, or the answer to the problem is a long time in coming – does not and never will mean that God is not seated on the throne firmly in control of all things. We are human and therefore impatient – looking for the answer we need right now! God does not deal in right now, He deals in everything in it’s proper time. God is here and now, and He knows the past and the future, all things are in His purview.

If we but trusted completely in God, there would be nothing we could not handle – nothing. It is not that complete trust in God means we have no problems, that bad things will not happen to us, that loved ones will not die, or that we will always be happy. Complete trust in God means that we would be able to handle all that life could possibly throw at us – because God is IN us – that through the presence of Christ in us, all things are possible. We have only to look at the life of the Apostle Paul to see that this is true.

Be encouraged in the Lord your God today.

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  1. During these times of not only the screwballed politics but with all that is going on in this evil world it brings me great comfort, and a lot less stressful thinking, to know that God is in total control and if I’ll just stay in His presence things will always work out – for His glory, whether I understand it or not. Have a great week-end Greg.

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  2. Thanks for this post. Two people who are dear to me are going through separate difficult times and prayer doesn’t seem to be helping as of yet. The one friend is now unable to handle anything though she is a Christian. I NEEDED this encouraging post today since being these two people are dear to me, what is happening to them affects me too. God bless you and thanks again!

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