lawless-america-150x90Yesterday, it seemed that I either read or watched a video feed of one story after another in which common sense appeared to be completely absent. One video showed at least 7 tactically-armed police officers (and their dog) in the desert of New Mexico dealing with one homeless man. The man was eventually shot to death after he turned his back on the officers. The video has since been removed by the Phoenix Police Department, but not before I downloaded a copy of it.

Another article (here on Freedom Outpost) highlighted the fact that a mother was called to school because her son, who is on the Autism Spectrum, was panicking. The mother was apparently arrested for not signing in and the school went on lockdown.

In yet another article, I read about how Harry Reid blames Americans for not knowing how to use the Internet as the reason Obamacare sign-ups are moving at a snail’s pace. Let’s not even discuss the article about Boehner standing up, acting as though he was angry, then sitting back down…or something.

What we are seeing in America are the fruits of lawlessness and the hypocrisy that goes with it. I read another article about Senator Leland Yee (D-CA), an anti-gun politician who was arrested for…wait for it…arms trafficking to Islamic rebels. Another bit of lawlessness related to this type of situation exists when the news source never mentions whether the arrested person is a Democrat or Republican. If Republican, it is almost always mentioned. If Democrat, it is rarely mentioned. I like what one person on Twitter said about this particular situation, noting that the person arrested must have been a Democrat because there were no retweets from the AP.

Are you getting as tired of this rampant and unchecked lawlessness as I am? It’s absolutely sickening and the worst part of it is that these left-wingers have to realize that most of us do not buy their parade of lies, yet they keep lying anyway!

We have a Congress that cannot seem to do anything right. We have large companies like Hobby Lobby having to go to the Supreme Court in order to find any justice. By the way, good luck with that since it is clear that the idiots on that court are some of the most miserable excuses for justices in a long time. Justices Sotomayor and Kagan have suggested to Hobby Lobby attorneys that maybe the company should stop paying for insurance for employees and simply pay the “tax.” What?

I went to bed last night with visions of one lamebrain situation after another. We have police officers shooting citizens without even giving it a second thought. We have politicians who are so crude and foul-mouthed that using the F-bomb is normal. Beyond this, we have the DOJ stepping in to get a woman convicted of voter fraud (she voted for Obama at least six times in the last election) out of prison early. We have the Obama administration making and changing laws at will. We see Democrat politicians who are supposedly so anti-gun that they will do anything to get rid of guns from society, even if that means trafficking illegal guns to Islamic rebels. What? Come again?

We hear people like Charles Rangel continuing to lie by describing the Tea Party as racist and mean when there has never been a shred of evidence to even suggest it. We see morons like Sheila Jackson Lee speak about things she has no clue about, but she does it with authority.

We have the Obamas going on one vacation after another, costing U.S. taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars and then Mrs. Obama has the nerve to forbid the press on her latest jaunt to China even though she is not paying for the trip out of her own pocket.

We have a Congress filled with idiots, who believe their job is to tear down, ignore, or change the U.S. Constitution and deride those who call them on it. There is so much going on in society that proves that lawlessness reigns supreme that it makes your head hurt.

The worst part of it is that the left has the microphone. They make their point through the various mainstream news sources, which cooperate fully with them in their lies and misdirection. The rest of us are relegated to trying to get the truth out through articles like this one and via our social network sites, which, by the way, are also used to spy on us.

Frankly, if something does not happen, and soon, it will be every man for himself. The U.S. as we know it will no longer exist. I don’t mean to sound defeated (because I’m not). I’m simply pointing out what I believe to be the reality of the situation. Something needs to happen to rid America’s Congress of individuals who do not even know that America is a Constitutional Republic (NOT a Democracy).

I have lost faith in the voting system as well. With the engagement of computerized voting machines, how easy is it to add a line of code that changes who I vote for after my vote has been cast?

People are fed up, and rightly so. We can complain all we want about this situation or that one. Frankly, it feels good to do so, but it cannot end there. The question is, how do we gain momentum the way the left has gained momentum? How do we work effectively and courageously to stand against the lies, hypocrisy, and lawlessness of the left so that real change happens?

We have to talk about it because that must be our starting point. But what then? What can be done with people who are completely ignoring the rule of law?

America needs answers; real, workable answers. Americans need to be able to believe that there is a solution and that we can make it happen even though many of us feel completely outnumbered.

What say you?

by Fred DeRuvo on Freedom Outpost

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