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If the American people don’t trust Obama, why would Israel? Obama stated that “peace is possible” between Israel and Palestine.  Really? Is the two-state solution the answer to years of  Palestinian threats and attacks against Israel? Has Obama ever read the holy Bible regarding Israel?  I doubt it.

Netanyahu Obama peaceprocess

He explained how his personal commitment to Israel’s security is stronger than any of his predecessors.

Obama explained to Israelis how important it is to maintain the pursuit of a two-state peace solution with its Arab Palestinian neighbors.

“As I said last year in Jerusalem, peace is necessary, just, and possible,” Obama wrote. “I believed it then. I believe it now. Peace is necessary because it’s the only way to ensure a secure and democratic future for the Jewish state of Israel. While walls and missile defense systems can help protect against some threats, true safety will only come with a comprehensive negotiated settlement. Reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians would also help turn the tide of international sentiment and sideline violent extremists, further bolstering Israel’s security.”

He continued: “Peace is also, undeniably, just. Just as the Israeli people have the right to live in the historic homeland of the Jewish people, the Palestinian people deserve the right to self-determination. Palestinian children have hopes and dreams for their future and deserve to live with the dignity that can only come with a state of their own. And, in President Abbas, Israel has a counterpart committed to a two-state solution and security cooperation with Israel. The United States has repeatedly made clear that any Palestinian government must uphold these long-standing principles: a commitment to non-violence, adherence to past agreements, and the recognition of Israel. With negotiations on hiatus, these principles are more important than ever. All parties must exercise restraint and work together to maintain stability on the ground.”

“Finally,” Obama concluded, “peace is possible. This is one of the most important things to remember during setbacks and moments of frustration. It will take political will to make the difficult choices that are necessary and support from the Israeli and Palestinian people and civil society. Both parties must be willing to take risks for peace. But at the end of the day, we know where negotiations must lead – two states for two peoples. Refusing to compromise or cooperate with one another won’t do anything to increase security for either the Israeli or the Palestinian people. The only solution is a democratic, Jewish state living side-by-side in peace and security with a viable, independent Palestinian state. That’s why Secretary Kerry and I remain determined to work with both Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas to pursue a two-state solution. When the political will exists to recommit to serious negotiations, the United States will be there, ready to do our part.”

I could ask, as I have many times before, how Israel can achieve peace with neighbors who only seek to destroy it.

But, instead, I will ask, “How long should this two-state solution be promoted before rational, reasonable, sane people can all conclude in good conscience that it is unachievable and probably unwise?”

That’s one question I have today.

It’s been 40 years.

Today it’s Palestinians who reject it overwhelmingly. Israelis support it.

So why is Obama lecturing Israelis about the need to support the peace movement?

My second question today is, “Why isn’t Obama writing op-eds in the Palestinian newspapers that support peace?”

I searched in vain to see which Palestinian news outlet published Obama’s plea for peace.

I also looked to see if Obama had issued any statements in support of the Palestinian peace organizations.

Do you know what I found?

That’s right. There aren’t any such newspapers in the Palestinian Authority or in Hamastan. They would be burned to the ground and their employees lynched if they did exist.

There is no peace movement in the Palestinian Authority or in Hamastan. If there were, they wouldn’t last any longer than a real newspaper would.

And that’s the main reason that Obama’s pursuit of the two-state solution has no chance to succeed. The Arabs want nothing to do with it. They want a one-state solution – one big anti-Semitic, Jew-free, ethnically cleansed, Judenrein final solution.

This is the sad state of affairs that no one in public life wants to admit. But unless we are willing to see the evil, hear the evil, speak the evil, recognize the evil and denounce the evil, we have no chance to move toward peace, justice and liberty for all the people of the Middle East.

By Joseph Farah on WND

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