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midtermNever a truer statement was made. We are involved in a death struggle, and the fate of our beloved Republic literally hangs in the balance. On one side, there are those who want a socialistic form of government, where all your thinking and choices are made for you. Where every aspect of your life is controlled by government.  On the other side, there are those who want a more limited government, one that allows people to go about their business and lives unencumbered, unobtrusive and free to either succeed or fail as they will.

Every document written by our founding fathers allowed for the latter.  They were written to insure that never again will the people of this nation be subject to tyranny. One side says that our Constitution is “flawed” and “outdated.” The other accepts it as it was written and those principles hold more value now than ever before.

Since Barack Hussein Obama’s election in 2008, we have watched as he has slowly chipped away at the very mortar that is the foundation of this country. Since his re-election in 2012, it is even more apparent, and so are his assaults on the very freedoms that we hold dear. Here it is 2014, and it is painfully obvious that he will use any method or organization at his disposal to either silence or intimidate those who dare to disagree with him.

Trillions of our tax dollars have been spent and we really don’t even know where all the money went. There is absolutely zero accountability within Obama’s administration.  When called to account for his actions, or those who work for him, we are met with mocking laughter and a dismissive wave as a response. He and his minions have lied so much and so often it is astonishing, and when confronted with proof of the lies, their response is to continue to lie again and again and again. I am sick to death when I watch those elected officials, who at the beginning of their time in office, lay their hands on the Holy Bible and swear to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  Yet, when they lie and break that sacred oath, there are no repercussions; there is not one bit of accountability.

How on earth is that possible? Have we sunk so far into the mud that we don’t care anymore?

We are in a fight to the death ladies and gentlemen, and the stakes couldn’t possibly be any higher. What will you say to your grandchildren 10, 20 or 30 years from now if this is allowed to continue unabated?  What possible excuse could you make to justify your apathy?

If Obama and his gang of thugs are not stopped in the 2014 elections, then by 2016 it won’t matter anymore.

One voice raised matters not, but tens of millions of voices raised is a storm that will not be ignored. Will you be free or will you place your neck willingly under the boot of oppression?

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