Millions Of Tons Of Radioactive Waste From Fukushima Meltdown Now Arriving On American Shores


Sources: Now The End Begins / NTEB on Before It’s News

Systematically Poisoning The Western Ocean

When the nuclear power plants melted down in the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami in Japan, we received endless assurances and reassurance that the reactors did not leak. That no radiation of any quantifiable amount had gotten out.

As it turns out, Japan lied about that.

Now we see millions of tons of garbage from Japan that has taken nearly two years to make its way to America, arriving off the California coast. And in its wake it has left a trail of radioactive death and destruction that is nearly impossible to calculate. We are being given assurances, and reassuraces, that its “safe”, and that it is not contaminated with nuclear radiation.

Whom do you believe?

Mirror UK: A floating island of debris three times the size of BRITAIN is heading for the California coastline sparking huge environmental concerns.

Five millions tons of rubbish made up of devastated homes, boats, cars and businesses is making its way across the Pacific Ocean following the 2011 tsunami in Japan.


Scientists have already discovered debris on the west coast but their latest findings suggest California is expected to be hit with a deluge all at once.

America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released their latest findings showing a huge island of rubbish floating northeast of the Hawaiian Islands.

Boffins have been unable to say for certain when the debris will wash ashore but they have been closely monitoring its movements which stretches from Alaska to the Philippines.

Seven months ago, the first documented debris from the tsunami reached Crescent City, California.

A 20-foot boat belonging to the marine sciences program at Takata High School in the north east city of Rikuzentakata was discovered washed up.

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NOAA spokeswoman Keeley Belva said more than 1,600 reports of debris had been firmly traced back to the tsunami.

They included a small boat found in Hawaii, a motorbike washed ashore on the coast of British Columbia and large pieces of a dock in Washington state and Oregon. A football was also discovered on an Alsakan island still with its owner’s name it.

The boy was traced to Rikuzentakata. The tsunami devastated the east coast of Japan in March 2011.

Caused by the massive Thoku earthquake it sent a colossal undersea “megathrust” creating waves up to 41 metres tall crashing on to the shoreline.

The tsunami was so powerful scientists measured it had moved Honshu – the main island of Japan – eight feet. The Fukushima nuclear power plant was left destroyed sending three of its reactors in to meltdown. source – Mirror UK

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  1. Sheri

    I’m in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, 2 blocks from the water. I noticed debris washing up 2 years ago on the beach. My husband is disabled. This is our home. We have our church family here. At our age, we will give all of our resources to our children and grandchildren so they can migrate out. We will stay. Our Lord is with us and we are at peace.

    1. Post
  2. Varian Wrynn

    this defies logic.
    1. Radioactive waste, typically Cesium, is heavier than water – it will sink.
    2. Any radioactivity that had attached itself to the garbage has had 19 months of water immersion to be washed off into the ocean (and be consumed by the tuna).
    3. Very little, if any, of this garbage was at Fukushima when the reactor breached, so how did it get contaminated?

    The article is filled with supposition and magnificently lacking in fact. What were the radiation levels of the boat, motorbike, and football? I bet they were ZERO above background. Why? See above.

    Move along . . . this is not the scandal you’re looking for.

    1. Post

      No one is looking for a scandal, where you got that idea is beyond me. I do not claim to be a scientist…I just post news. Maybe the garbage heap is mostly clean, I don’t know. A lot of people seem to be worried about it though. Read this: There is more than 1 type of radioactive waste, and many millions of gallons of radioactive water are following behind this garbage pile. Seems to me something to be concerned about.

      God bless

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