President Ronald Reagan’s Son Ron Reagan: I’m ‘Not Afraid of Burning in Hell’



Vine News Note: How truly tragic that Ron Reagan feels this way. No one that truly understood just what is in store for them in hell would feel this way. He is cheered on by the likes of Freedom From Religion Foundation…a group known for their very outspoken distaste for anything even remotely having to do with Christianity. FFRF operates all over the U.S. and is a plague on this country!

MADISON, Wis. – The son of late former president Ronald Reagan has recorded a radio advertisement in promotion of a prominent atheist activist organization, in which he states that he is “not afraid of burning in Hell.”

Ron Reagan says that he stopped attending church at twelve years old and has long been regarded as an atheist. Recently, he recorded a radio advertisement for the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), which has been airing this month on the Randi Rhodes Show.

“I’m Ron Reagan, an unabashed atheist, and I’m alarmed by the intrusions of religion into our secular government,” he states. “That’s why I’m asking you to join the Freedom From Religion Foundation—the nation’s largest and most effective organization of atheists and agnostics, working to keep state and church separate.”

“Ron Reagan, lifelong atheist, not afraid of burning in hell,” Reagan concludes in the advertisement.

Reagan had been awarded the “Emperor Has No Clothes” award by FFRF in 2009, and is stated to be an honorary director of the organization.

“I imagine some of you have really dark nights of the soul, a lot of theological study. You really went to the mat with this kind of stuff. I feel like an interloper or something,” he stated during his acceptance speech. “At age 8 or whatever, I went: ‘Ah, this isn’t making any sense to me—forget it,’ and didn’t really give it all that much more thought, frankly.”

He then proceeded to explain that he grew up in religious family and attended a Presbyterian church for a time, but announced to his father as a child that he did not wish to go anymore.

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“Dad was clearly taken aback, I mean, this was a bit of a stunner to him,” Reagan stated. “But to his credit, he did not try to force me … but he would try quiet persuasion. And in fact, that’s what he did, at some length.”

The FFRF praised Reagan for recording the advertisement in support of the organization.

“We’re so grateful to Ron Reagan for recording this commercial for FFRF, and for being willing to speak out publicly as an atheist for so many years,” said co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor.

However, others have expressed disappointment with Reagan’s views.

“The apple fell very far from the tree,” one commenter stated. “Hey Ron—they call it ‘eternal torment’ because it goes on for eternity. A long time indeed.”

“This is what an atheist looks like. So sad,” another wrote. “Our God creates this beautiful universe, He sent His Son to save us; He loves us so much. … [Ron’s atheism] is a great American tragedy. This religion known as atheism attracts the sad; lost humans who have the horrible sin of pride that rules them.”

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SOURCE: Christian News

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  1. Mrs. CJB

    May grace and mercy fall upon him and others like him – may its transform these hardened, reprobates and save them from eternal hell before time is gone, Amen.

    1. Post
  2. Shirley Anne

    He will regret it when he gets there. So sad. Rejecting God’s love and standards for secular standards and the free gift of eternal life for an eternity in hell makes no sense whatsoever. I pray he will repent and humble himself. God will forgive him if he accepts Christ.

    Shirley Anne

    1. Post

      Yes he will, he and so many others when they bend their knee before Christ then knowing for certain He is real and is God. I would prefer to kneel before Christ willingly…

  3. Post

    It is one thing to be uncertain about something but entirely another to be so arrogant as to mock hell. The atheist has no answers for what happens after death, where does the soul go? Instead of not knowing they mock. Then they bring up separation of Church and State. Of course that only means Christianity. It doesn’t mean the Religion of Satanism or Freemasonry that all his elite political buddies are involved in. I would love to see those God hating human hating religions removed from any influence on public policy. But of course Christ will come back soon and do that for us. A fool in his heart says there is no God. Ron Reagan Jr. has defined himself! It is too bad to see people perish in deception and pride. Time is running out for those who hold the same belief. Hopefully their eyes and ears will be opened before it is too late.

    1. Post

      Well said, I agree completely. I hope many are set free from the bondage they are in. In the city where I live the Freedom From Religion Foundation forced the city in court to sell a very small piece of land to a private party, put up a wrought Iron fence around it and post a sign on it saying the city had nothing to do with it…because contained therein is a statue of Christ standing on the world with the inscription on the world saying: “Christ guide us on our way”. Pathetic…no one had an issue with it until these people from FFRF got involved.

        1. Post

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