SYRIA: Some of the Obama-backed mujahideen (jihadist rebels) are only four years old!


The destruction of the innocents! Could evil get any greater?  This is a FOUR YEAR OLD being trained to hate and to kill!  There is no way to compromise with the mindset of those who want to destroy Israel and America.  They are programmed to hate!

We need to pray, America!  Watch this video and it should break your heart.

Taken from Bare Naked Islam

“Oh, infidels, we will slaughter you, Allah willing,” says little terrorist-in-training from the al-Qaeda linked Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).


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  1. Rabbi Eric @ HOJ

    Wow, how awful. I have seen TV cartoons depicting Jews as pigs and not worthy to live. This is indoctrination at its worst. A peaceful religion-I think not.

    1. Post
      Marianne Bernard

      Hi Rabbi Eric, I can even imagine the evil of taking a little 4 year old and putting a high power automatic weapon in his hands! How do you fight against that? Jesus said “Woe to those who cause a little one to sin”. These people are taking innocent young children and training them up to be terrorists and suicide bombers. The are being fed lies about us and the Jewish people. They are taught to hate and to kill. My heart breaks for these youngsters who will one day be the army who comes to destroy us.

  2. marblenecltr

    I have read nowhere in the Koran, “Allah is love.” I don’t think we serve the master Muslims serve. God is love, but He wants Christians to defend themselves, so shortly before he was crucified, Jesus told the disciples to carry swords (two swords were to be enough.)
    In present day America, if a child points his finger at another as if he were aiming a pistol, the child and his parents may have to endure a pretense of moral authority from those they employ to properly educate our youth. The number and use of swords adequate for defense should be followed.

    1. Post
      Marianne Bernard

      marblenectr, We who serve Jehovah God, do indeed serve the God who is the embodiment of love. We can love because we now know love through him. We are to live with love and peace however nowhere does he say we are not to defend ourselves when needed.

      We are living in a time when the laws are being skewed and some are not based with reasoning. The point you made that if a child playfully pretends he has a gun and uses his hand as make-believe gun has landed them in trouble with a zero tolerance in school rules. Children would always play cowboy games when I was growing up. Now to play that game at school could be punishable with expulsion or worse. Someone could say they felt threatened and make the situation worse. I believe that is what you were referring to. Guns are not the problem as other methods of attack are used. The problem stems from the fact that we have taken God and morality out of schools and the home and it is giving evil a foothold into the lives of our children and our families. When you can’t mention Christ, creation, the bible, or the ten commandments, you have just made everyone a target for the devil. It obviously is not working and yet we continue taking the truth of God out of America and evil has now taken his place. Very sad.

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