The New World Order is Here NOW!!!


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Don’t believe in RFID chips for humans? Not sure about the New World Order and the reality of it’s existence? It is not a matter of IF the New World Order is coming…it is a matter of WHEN! WHEN is NOW!

Did you know that many things today already have micro chips? Anything you share with the government is no longer private. Your own computer is perfectly capable of watching your every move…so is your phone and the new TV’s.

The New World Order is already here, and it is here to stay. The only way to protect yourself is to be covered in the blood of Christ. If you have accepted Christ, you will be saved no matter what happens to you here on earth. BUT…if you accept the coming Mark of the Beast…you will reside in hell forever no matter how much “fun” you get to have now. I for one believe the Mark of the Beast will be centered around a RFID chip implanted in humans. The technology is not new, it is used in animals already and has been for some time now. Imagine being able to go the store or other places and wave your hand and instantly your purchase is made. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Except that this will be how governments the world over will control you, will know EVERYTHING about you. NOTHING will be safe anymore. The technology to do all this already exists…it is only a matter of time to implement it.

Place your trust in Christ while there is still time to do so!

To accept Christ simply pray to Him. Ask Him into your heart and confess all sins to Him. Believe that the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross was enough to pay for your sins. Place your trust in Jesus for your eternal life not yourself. Believe that Christ rose from the dead and lives even now with the Father in heaven.

Welcome to the family of God!

God bless you all

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  1. Cherryl Wood Bennett

    Here you say – The only way to protect yourself is to be covered in the blood of Christ – But in other articles you speak as if there is more we can do – and with impression to have another President would do it —- This is why I find you funny. You are not in keeping with yourself.

    1. Post

      Maybe you should reread what I say…the only way to save ourselves IS by the blood of Christ. That does not mean that we should just roll over and play dead and take whatever comes our way without a fight. How do you know that a different president would not make a difference? How do you know that our actions and prayers may very well bring about a revival of God’s people? Some things could be better even though the end will surely come as Christ has said. There IS more we can do! More people can pray and speak up about what goes on…possibly bringing more into the kingdom of Christ. God knows all…we do not. Therefore we can yet possibly make a difference! God uses us because that was and is His choice.

      God bless

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