The arrogance of tyranny when a President thinks he is above the law of the land and that the constitution is simply a suggestion!

President Obama likes to pass the buck around and blame everyone else for his lack of productivity instead of taking stock of his own actions.

Recently, after having theSupreme Court shoot down his recess appointments and finding out House Republicans were planning to sue him, the president began whining, stating that the reason he oversteps his bounds and breaks the law is because Congress won’t do as he wishes.

In a typical tantrum the nation has come to expect from Obama, he told the GOP to go ahead and sue him while he attempts to once again bypass Congress to implement immigration reform.

CHARLES-KRAUTHAMMERCharles Krauthammer, a Fox News contributor, took the president to task for blaming Congress for not getting things done, when much of the fault lies in his own incompetence to govern.

Krauthammer cited former President Reagan who never had a House held by Republicans, yet managed to get a number of things accomplished.

via 100 Percent Fed Up:

Charles Krauthammer went after President Obama today for campaigning in lieu of governing. He said that the president can’t keep complaining about the House blocking him, because the GOP never held the House under Ronald Reagan and he got things done.

Krauthammer said campaigning could be Obama’s “only great competence,” but that all the president really does is talk a lot about big issues without actually doing anything. He charged that Obama “doesn’t know how to govern,” because the president isn’t happy about the House not helping him with his agenda but an “essential element of governing is working with the other party.”

And Krauthammer brought up a Republican icon as an example.

“Reagan never had control of the House. It was always in Democratic hands. He passed enormously important legislation… And all Obama can do is whine about how it’s the other guys who are in charge of Congress.”
Obama, of course, has been campaigning all over the country, railing against Republican obstructionism and dismissing concerns over his executive actions.

Krauthammer nails it here. Obama tends to think of himself above the law, so it’s right in step with his character to think he’s above reproach as well, which is why he never thinks of blaming himself for not getting anything passed through Congress.

Truth of the matter is, according to the Constitution, he isn’t to be concerning himself with legislative issues to begin with. His job is to enforce the laws Congress passes, defend the Constitution, and protect America.

The president has demonstrated his ineptness in regards to leadership on numerous occasions, which is why Americans need to continue to fight for his impeachmentand removal from office.

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