With an Ebola epidemic threatening to become pandemic, we have an administration who continues to allow flights to land in the United States from countries  dealing with serious Ebola outbreaks. Not only that, Obama is endangering hundreds of troops by sending them over to African nations to help with their protocol on managing this deadly disease. I find that hypocritical as we don’t seem to have the right protocol here in America as we now have people who are contracting Ebola and spreading it to others.  Then to add further insult to the American people, Obama has appointed an Ebola Czar who has absolutely NO medical background.  He obviously just wanted a “yes man” to back him up with his agenda that is not protective of our citizens.  That was made abundantly obvious again with Obama’s recent decision to approve thousands of Haitian immigrants to move to the United States to join relatives already living here before a visa is available for them.

The time has come for the American people to take a stand and take back our country!  Never before in our history have we allowed a tyrant to rule over us. It should be no different now!


Watch as Rep Steve Scalise (R-LA) demolishes the response of the CDC official.


Part of the motivation behind the Obama appointment of a career Democrat hack as Ebola czar was to get a professional liar to represent the White House. The medical professionals such as CDC’s Frieden might be good at medicine, but when it comes to lying to the public, they fail miserably.

Frieden demonstrates  in this exchange with Rep Steve Scalise (R-LA) that he is not going to answer the questions asked, that he is going to be evasive and he doesn’t really care that it is blatantly obvious to all exactly what he is doing.

Frieden’s loyalty is clearly to the person of Hussein Obama and not to his country or the American people. He’s exposed by Scalise’s dogged determination to extract an answer from the political puppet physician. Frieden instead chose to spin himself into complete incredibility rather than provide the answer.

It’s obvious that Frieden is attempting to defend the indefensible in order to protect the position of Hussein Obama, one that puts the economic welfare of African nations ahead of that of the American people. He surely knows the most logical and responsible first step would have been the issuance of a travel ban months ago.

He knows it, but he won’t admit it.

Scalise does an amazing job of maintaining his composure to the evasive parsing of words and diversions that the cover man Frieden is laying down to protect the Obama regime and their Africa first policy.

By Rick Wells on The Daily Dose


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